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Dr. Anson Interview With American Health Front

Dr. Anson was recently interviewed by American Health Front on the state of dental implants. From low cost implants to training and experience, Dr. Anson covers it all in this informative interview.

Heart Disease Linked to Periodontal Disease

There are several types of cardiovascular diseases, which are the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. Among these is infective endocarditis, which involves inflammation of the interior lining of the heart and heart valves and is usually the result of bacterial infection. While damaged and abnormal heart valves are at greatest risk, the condition can also occur in normal valves when a large amount…

Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

The link between periodontal disease and diabetes has been well documented. Research has found that periodontal disease is more prevalent in diabetics than in non-diabetics, and that diabetics lose more teeth. This prevalence is most likely due to the fact that diabetics are more susceptible to infections. Recent research has shown that periodontal disease can negatively impact diabetic control, making it more difficult to regulate…

Bone Resorption (Deterioration)

When teeth are lost or extracted, the bone that previously supported those teeth no longer serves a purpose and begins to resorb, or deteriorate. For example, when a front tooth is lost and replaced with a tooth-supported bridge, the gums and bone above the false tooth begin to collapse as the bone resorbs, or melts away, leaving the false tooth hanging, or suspended without support….