Dr. Anson believes in adopting new technologies that enhance patient comfort and results. Our Beverly Hills office features advanced technology that allows Dr. Anson and our staff to assess your dental condition with a high degree of accuracy that translates into higher quality treatment.

Each comprehensive dental examination begins with digital dental X-rays, and often includes 3D Cone Beam Imaging.  Once Dr. Anson has diagnosed your condition, he adapts atraumatic techniques drawn from microsurgery, Piezosurgery, and ultrasonic instruments that minimize your discomfort throughout treatment.

3D Imaging

Digital dental x-rays are sufficient diagnostic tools for many implant and periodontal procedures. However, because these x-rays are two-dimensional, depicting height and width only, some aspects of dental anatomy cannot be adequately viewed.

To support a higher level of care for his patients, Dr. Anson has a 3D Cone Beam imaging machine in his Beverly Hills office, for diagnosis and treatment. The 3D scans provide a detailed look at existing teeth, bone, nerves, and tissue with three-dimensional and cross-sectional views that allow the doctor to:

  • Evaluate the quality and density of the bone that will support dental implants.
  • Determine the proper treatment approach based on each patient’s unique dental anatomy.
  • Pinpoint the precise placement of implants, particularly in areas near critical anatomical structures, such as sinuses and nerves.
  • Select the correct type and size of the implants for an optimal fit and appearance.

The system Dr. Anson uses produces the highest resolution image at one of the lowest radiation doses (a small fraction of the exposure of a medical 3-D spiral scanner) on the market today by confining the scanning region to a narrow area of interest. This process of image generation allows Dr. Anson to zoom in on specific areas of the mouth necessary for highly accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.


The ultimate aim of microsurgery is to provide minimally invasive procedures.

Microsurgery, reduces trauma to the tissues and increases precision. The result is a more detailed view of the surgical site with:

  • Minimal pain
  • Less swelling
  • Little to no bleeding

Piezo Surgical Procedure

Conventional rotary dental instruments for drilling often damage more surrounding tissue and tooth than needed for the procedure. Piezosurgery represents a leap forward in minimizing adverse effects to the bone by using controlled three-dimensional ultrasound vibrations to provide maximum surgical precision that does not traumatize the soft tissue. The minute vibrations are barely visible to the naked eye and can be adjusted to treat specific periodontal conditions or dental implant placement.

Combining this device with techniques developed to increase patient comfort, Dr. Anson is able to:

  • Remove painful, infected, or fractured teeth with little to no discomfort.
  • Preserve the structure of bone and soft tissue by targeting the treatment area with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Minimize recovery time for patients by limiting bleeding and swelling.

By taking the time to thoroughly understand the needs of each of his patients, Dr. Anson provides a lasting result perfectly fit to each patient’s anatomy. 

How We Use Advanced Periodontal and Implant Technology in Treatment

Dr. Anson has led the way towards minimally invasive techniques to address periodontal conditions that range from aesthetic smile enhancement and tissue sculpting to placing an entire upper and lower set of dental implants. We believe that by integrating the latest advancements in periodontal technology we can provide our patients with the right treatment options with minimal results and optimal aesthetic and functional results.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anson, either for an initial consultation or second opinion, after receiving a diagnosis from another dentist. During your examination we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your problem and treatment options that are highly effective, safe, and offer the most comfort.

To schedule your comprehensive periodontal exam or procedure, contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 657-0999.