The SMILE Technique developed by Dr. Anson is a minimally invasive procedure to treat gum recession, caused by aging, brushing too hard or declining oral health. Receding gums leave tooth roots partially exposed, creating an aesthetic issue, as well as sensitivity to hot and cold. Left untreated, recession leads to continued loss of gums with increasing sensitivity, and eventually the possibility of tooth loss.

In the past, treatment required removing tissue from under the roof of the mouth to cover exposed tooth roots. Although good results are possible with traditional grafting procedures, it involves two surgical sites and healing is often uncomfortable. In addition, it is difficult, if not impossible, to treat multiple teeth at the same time with this approach.

Overview and Walkthrough

The SMILE Technique advances the well-known concept of creating a tiny opening in the gums and repositioning the tissue, as opposed to taking tissue from another site to cover the exposed roots. Dr. Anson utilizes a platelet-rich fibrin matrix with growth factors with the SMILE Technique. This reduces healing time, and produces predictable, superior aesthetic results, and allows him to treat multiple teeth in the same appointment.

Over the past several years, Dr. Anson has treated hundreds of patients with the SMILE Technique and the results have been amazing.

Before SMILE Technique

After SMILE Technique

To view more examples of the beautiful aesthetic results Dr. Anson has achieved with the SMILE Technique visit our Gallery.

The research on the SMILE Technique was published in the scientific literature and a copy of Dr. Anson’s article can be read in Publications.