If your tooth is worn down to the gum line, or if you have a cavity that is inaccessible to your general dentist, you may benefit from crown lengthening.

Dentists in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas often refer patients to Dr. David Anson to resolve these concerns. He uses the crown lengthening procedure to reshape the area around the tooth, revealing more of its surface to allow for treatment.

Oral health professionals, as well as patients, recommend Dr. Anson because of the skill and experience he offers. He is an authority in the field of periodontics, providing conservative, recognized treatment that prioritizes patient comfort. Throughout your time in his care, he will coordinate with your other providers and communicate with you to provide an effective and aesthetic outcome.

Why Patients Have Crown Lengthening

Periodontists are specialists with additional training in tooth preservation and replacement. They often work with dentists and other oral health professionals to resolve complex cases.

Your dentist may have referred you to Dr. Anson for crown lengthening for several reasons, but two of the most common are for help in preparing decayed teeth for restorations or prosthetic crowns. Both of these treatments can present complications that a periodontist can resolve:

  • When a cavity occurs below the gum line, it may be inaccessible to your general dentist. Dr. Anson can unveil more of the tooth so that you can get the treatment you need.
  • If your tooth is broken above the gum line, your dentist may not have a proper surface to place your prosthetic crown. Dr. Anson can reshape the bone to reveal more of the tooth’s structure, giving the prosthetic a stronger foundation.

Your Crown Lengthening Consultation

Patients in Beverly Hills start their treatment with an initial consultation. During your visit, Dr. Anson will review notes from your general dentist and talk with you about the concerns you are having. He will also conduct a thorough review of the site and note any areas that your crown lengthening procedure will need to address.

The visit is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the procedure and treatment outcomes and to get to know Dr. Anson. While his years in practice help create excellent outcomes, patients usually tell us that it’s his supportive and gentle manner that distinguishes their experience.

About the Procedure and Aftercare

Crown lengthening takes place in our office in Beverly Hills. During the procedure:

  • You will receive a local anesthetic so that you can remain comfortable.
  • Dr. Anson will use minimally-invasive techniques, which should help you heal more quickly.
  • We will offer a variety of amenities, including a full selection of movies and music on our wrap-around headset.

Dr. Anson and our staff will make sure you are informed about the next steps, which typically include post-op visits at our practice and visits with your general dentist to complete his / her procedure. Close coordination with you and your provider will make your treatment simpler, more comfortable, and more effective.

If you require a crown lengthening procedure, contact our office in Beverly Hills for an initial consultation at (310) 657-0999.