Beautiful Smiling BrunettePatients in the Beverly Hills and surrounding areas often find it difficult to determine when to see a Periodontist. After all, a Periodontist is a specialist who exclusively performs procedures specific to gum disease and dental implants. Right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, most patients don’t realize that these treatments include:

  • Tooth extraction, which Dr. Anson refers to as tooth removal for reasons explained below.
  • Bone grafting to prevent bone loss after tooth removal.
  • Soft tissue grafting and tissue sculpting to repair gum recession.

While a dentist can technically perform all of these procedures, a Periodontist approaches these procedures with a highly specialized, advanced level of skill and expertise.

Sign 1: You Need Tooth Removal

The term used by most dentists is extraction, a procedure that can damage the surrounding bone, causing pain and the possible need for additional surgical procedures to regenerate the bone. When a tooth is extracted in the conventional way, there is the possibility of:

  • Trauma to surrounding bone and tissue.
  • The future placement of a dental implant is compromised.
  • The need for additional surgical procedures to repair the damaged area.

By seeking treatment from a Periodontist, you will have a better foundation for dental implants and less likelihood of a bone graft because of the careful techniques used by a Periodontist. Many patients visiting us in our Beverly Hills office are able to have their dental implants placed the same day as their tooth removal, reducing the need for further surgical treatment.

Sign 2: Repairing Bone Loss

When left untreated, a tooth or root infection can cause damage to the bone. Over time, bone continues to degenerate becoming thinner and altering the contours of your face. Even patients who don’t plan to get dental implants may require a bone graft to avoid further bone loss causing an older, sunken in appearance. The longer you wait, the more bone loss will occur.

A Periodontist will be able to either perform periodontal procedures to repair and regenerate bone loss around your natural teeth, or remove a tooth that is not savable, to avoid additional bone and tooth loss. By choosing a Periodontist to help you, if you decide to have dental implants in the future and you do not wait too long, your bone should be able to support the implants.

Sign 3: Any Procedure Involving Tissue Sculpting or Grafting

Your gums protect your teeth from sensitivity, root decay and bone loss. If the gum tissue erodes (which is known as gum recession) you may become at risk of losing the tooth if not treated properly.

By performing tissue sculpting or a gum graft, your Periodontist will reposition gum tissue over the exposed tooth root to:

  • Prevent additional gum or tissue loss.
  • Protect you from root decay or possible bone and tooth loss.

While gum recession is a serious problem, not all cases require surgical intervention. A gentler approach to brushing and monitoring by your Periodontist is often enough to maintain healthy gums.

If you recognize any of the above signs, contact our Beverly Hills office at 310.657.0999 to schedule a comprehensive periodontal exam with Dr. Anson.