Our patients undergo aesthetic gum treatment to cover exposed tooth roots caused by gum recession or reveal more of the tooth if there is too much gum tissue. Throughout the profession, Dr. David Anson is known for the innovative techniques that he has developed and perfected for aesthetic periodontal procedures utilizing a surgical microscope.

These techniques were designed to improve the appearance of the teeth and smile and increase patient comfort by reducing the trauma to the soft tissues that is common with “traditional” surgical procedures. This enables Dr. Anson to provide his patients in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas with naturally beautiful smiles, increased comfort throughout treatment, and accelerated healing time.

What is Aesthetic Gum Treatment?

Aesthetic gum treatment can repair a lack of gum tissue through tissue sculpting or extend the tooth with crown lengthening. These two procedures are recommended for patients to improve the appearance of their smiles with minimally invasive techniques.

  • Tissue sculpting is performed using a minimally invasive microsurgical technique. Dr. Anson repairs gum recession often without the need for a tissue graft.
  • Crown lengthening exposes more of the tooth for patients who have a gummy smile. Dr. Anson will balance the gum tissue and teeth by reshaping the gum and bone tissue.

While both of these procedures are intended to correct aesthetic problems, they can also prevent other dental problems from arising in the future.


Benefits of Aesthetic Gum Treatment

Many patients are dissatisfied with the aesthetics of their smile, whether their gums are too prominent or their gums are not visible enough. Through aesthetic gum treatments, Dr. Anson can shape the gum tissue and underlying bone to provide a more pleasing appearance. Some benefits of aesthetic gum treatment include:

  • Improve the health of your gums. Often, receding gums point to a more serious issue, such as periodontal disease. Aesthetic gum treatment can be a good way to discover and treat these issues.
  • Enhance the appearance of teeth that look too long. Receding gums can cause the teeth to look overly long. Aesthetic gum treatment provides a more proportional look.
  • Modify a “gummy” smile. If you fear that your smile reveals too much of your gums but not enough of your teeth, corrective surgery can correct the balance.
  • Reduce the risk of root decay. The problems that cause gum recession can ultimately have a corrosive effect on the entire mouth, including the roots of your teeth. Aesthetic gum enhancement can minimize this risk.

Why is Gum Recession More Than an Aesthetic Problem?

Gum recession, which exposes the sensitive roots of your teeth, is a progressive problem that can be caused by:

Gum Disease

Bacterial infections of the gums can not only destroy gum tissue but also erode the underlying bone. Gum disease is the primary cause of receding gums, and if left untreated it can have long-term ill effects on your periodontic health. It is important to address periodontal disease to help contain its effects.


Another common cause of receding gums is bruxism or grinding of the teeth. Over time, regular tooth grinding can actually cause the teeth to shift position, which can in turn make them more likely to recede. Those who regularly grind their teeth, particularly at night, are encouraged to seek treatment so as to avoid long-term effects, including gum recession.


Much like teeth grinding, teeth clenching can lead to a number of ill effects regarding the teeth and the jaw. The motion of clenching places a high level of pressure on the gums, which increases the risk of recession. Clenching also loosens the teeth in their sockets, increasing the risk of bacterial infection and gum disease.

Poorly Positioned Teeth

Poorly aligned teeth can contribute to receding gums. When teeth are not in their proper position, it makes them more likely to recede. Additionally, incorrectly positioned teeth are more likely to attract bacteria, which can be a major contributor to periodontal disease. Addressing tooth position is an important step toward preventing gum recession.

Aggressive Brushing and Flossing

While insufficient dental care can sometimes lead to gum recession, overly aggressive brushing and flossing can be just as dangerous. By brushing or flossing your teeth too aggressively in one direction, it can strip away the tooth enamel, which ultimately makes the teeth more likely to recede from the gums.

As gums recede, the teeth appear too long and misshapen, which is the main reason our patients undergo aesthetic gum treatment. However, gum recession also leaves the exposed roots vulnerable to root decay and sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. If left untreated, gum recession may also cause bone loss if the tooth becomes infected.

Tissue Grafting for Aesthetic Gum Treatment

Some of our patients choose to place a bridge in an area where teeth are missing. When gum recession leaves a space between the existing bridge and gums, Dr. Anson can improve the aesthetic appearance by performing a tissue graft to repair the area. This treatment is reserved for patients who do not want or cannot have a dental implant or new bridge, but instead a more beautiful result without additional restoration.

Before Aesthetic Gum Treatment and 3 Months After Aesthetic Gum Treatment Photos

Crown Lengthening for Aesthetic Gum Treatment

While some patients find that their gums recede, others find that their gums are too prominent, covering too much of the teeth and leading to a “gummy” smile. One way to address this issue is through crown lengthening. Through this process, Dr. Anson reveals more of your natural teeth, sculpting and shaping the gums and the underlying bone to provide aesthetic enhancement. Additionally, crown lengthening can be a great solution for patients whose teeth are worn down too close to the gum line.

How is Aesthetic Gum Treatment Performed?

Dr. Anson performs all aesthetic gum treatment in the comfort of his Beverly Hills office with a device that delivers local anesthesia with little to no discomfort. Each procedure is performed with:

  • Microsurgical techniques under high magnification to provide greater detail.
  • Very fine surgical instruments to minimize patient discomfort and speed healing.
  • The patient’s unique situation in mind to provide the most effective treatment option.

Each procedure will balance a conservative treatment approach with effectiveness to ensure that you are matched with the procedure that provides the optimal aesthetic result with the least amount of discomfort.

Recovering from Aesthetic Gum Treatment

Whether it is tissue sculpting or crown lengthening, aesthetic gum treatments will heal within a matter of days. Because Dr. Anson employs gentle techniques, there is relatively no downtime, and any discomfort is manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers that will be recommended during your appointment.

Before Aesthetic Gum Treatment and 5 Months After Aesthetic Gum Treatment Photos

Get Amazing Aesthetic Gum Treatment Results with Dr. Anson in Beverly Hills

Our patients find aesthetic gum treatment gratifying because the results are immediately visible with little to no downtime. The procedures will have different aesthetic results, but ultimately, will balance gum tissue to ensure that the teeth are neither too short nor too long.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your gums and teeth, contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 657-0999 to schedule an appointment.