Periodontal surgery is a collection of procedures that treat infection and repair damage to gum tissue and bone. For many patients, it’s a necessary step to restoring a healthy smile.

As a periodontal specialist and recognized physician in the field, Dr. David Anson offers patients in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas periodontal surgery that prioritizes quality and comfort. He follows a conservative approach based on years of experience and high ethical standards, helping prevent unnecessary intervention and cost.

When Dr. Anson does advise that you have periodontal surgery, you can trust that he is offering this information in your best interest and that your treatment will be as gentle and effective as possible. Learn more about his approach to your care.

Overview of Periodontal Surgery

Your experience starts with an initial consultation. The visit, which usually lasts an hour, gives you the opportunity to get to know Dr. Anson, discuss your symptoms, and take part in a thorough examination. Dr. Anson will answer any questions you have and offer transparent treatment plans and fees for you to review.

His periodontal surgery procedures for patients in Beverly Hills include:

General periodontal surgery. Surgical intervention in more severe cases allows Dr. Anson to access the infected area, treat disease, and repair damage.

Bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration. Dr. Anson uses bio-compatible materials to stimulate the growth of the bone and ligaments that gum disease has damaged.

Crown lengthening. Whether you have a tooth that’s worn down to the gum line or a cavity that’s inaccessible for restoration, this procedure reveals more of the tooth to allow treatment.

Gum recession surgery. If dental roots have become exposed, a tissue transfer or tissue sculpting can help preserve your teeth, improve your smile and reduce the amount of gum tissue that is visible when you smile.

Aesthetic tissue sculpting. Aesthetic tissue sculpting re-contours the gums and bone to revise the appearance of your teeth, transforming your gummy smile.

Your Comfort During Periodontal Surgery

Patients in Beverly Hills choose Dr. Anson for a variety of reasons—his professional experience, commitment to quality, and bedside manner among them—but one of the most important characteristics is that he makes periodontal surgery as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the factors that distinguish his approach.

Technology. Our practice invests in tools that reduce sensation and speed recovery. This includes smaller, less invasive instruments and special devices that deliver anesthetic more gently.

Patient-first environment. Dr. Anson offers several diversions during periodontal surgery, including wrap-around glasses for movies and music to pass the time. He also works with patients who have high anxiety and provides options such as nitrous oxide.

Post-procedure medication. We will send you home with any medications you need. This way, you won’t have a gap between anesthesia and other pain management measures.

Ongoing Care

After your periodontal surgery, our practice is available to address any concerns you may have. You will also receive Dr. Anson’s personal mobile number so that you can reach him directly. Accessibility and personal attention are hallmarks of his care.

Our practice may have you return for preventative treatment to ensure that the infection does not occur again. Dr. Anson and our staff will also advise you on proper techniques for flossing and brushing, which, when done incorrectly, can damage gum tissue. We take these measures and others during your care to provide you with lasting oral health.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. David Anson to discuss periodontal surgery. Contact our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 657-0999.