Beautiful Middle Aged Female Smiling OutdoorsThe thought of losing a tooth can be distressing and for some, traumatic. Depending upon the location of the tooth you are about to lose, you might be concerned about a number of potential problems, including:

  • The appearance of your smile.
  • The ability to chew certain foods.
  • The impact on nearby teeth.

While tooth loss is definitely problematic, there are treatment options that can restore the appearance and function of your natural smile.

Treatment Options for Tooth Loss

Patients in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas who are facing tooth loss have different options for tooth replacement. The two most common options are:

  • Tooth-supported bridge: A bridge fills the space of a missing tooth by cutting down the teeth on either side of the missing tooth and affixing crowns to those teeth to support a false tooth between them.
  • Dental implant and crown: A dental implant is a replacement tooth root made of titanium, which fuses to the bone and functions like a natural tooth root, providing a stable foundation for a crown.

While both of these options are possible for most Beverly Hills patients who are facing tooth loss, dental implant treatment is the preferred method of tooth replacement for the following reasons:

  • This is the only option that preserves bone.
  • This is the only option that does not compromise the health of adjacent teeth.
  • This is the option with the most long-term success rates.
  • This is the option that is most cost-effective long-term.

Since dental implant treatment involves a surgical procedure, the success of your dental implants often depends on who provides the treatment. General dentists can technically perform dental implant surgery after a weekend seminar, but this hardly covers the intricacies of this procedure and often leads to high rates of failure. On the other hand, an experienced surgical specialist has had years of post-graduate training and has the capability of handling complex surgical procedures.

Dental Implants: Lasting Results for a Natural Smile

Although a bridge will adequately restore your smile, a dental implant and crown is the closest match to a natural tooth. After placing a dental implant, you will care for your new crown the same way you would a natural tooth: you can continue brushing and flossing just as you would with your natural teeth.

Unlike a bridge, which can damage surrounding teeth, a dental implant fully restores the underlying structure of your tooth for greater stability and lasting results.

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