Dr. Anson strives to be one of the leading dental implant surgical specialists in the country. Many of his Beverly Hills dental implant patients are referred to his practice because of Dr. Anson’s skill in complex cases, as well as his reputation for continually striving to achieve superior aesthetic results. A number of these cases have been featured in articles in scientific journals that Dr. Anson has authored to share his knowledge in aesthetic anterior dental implant techniques with his colleagues.

If you are a patient missing teeth, Dr. Anson will thoroughly evaluate your situation to determine if you are a candidate. If you qualify, dental implant treatment is usually the preferred method of tooth replacement.

Dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots, providing virtually the same function as natural tooth roots. Dental implants stimulate bone growth, preserve remaining bone, and provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth.

Dental implants allow Dr. Anson to restore the function and appearance of your smile, improving your overall health, well-being, and the confidence that comes from a natural-looking smile.

If you have any questions about dental implants or are ready to schedule your consultation, simply fill out the form or call our office at (310) 363-7407. We look forward to assisting you!