Close up of happy older female pointing to clean white teethIf a patient seeks dental implants in Beverly Hills, they may turn to one of the many implant supercenters across the region. These supercenters often have the lowest prices and boast the quickest procedure times, but are they really the best option for reliable, long-lasting, successful dental implants?


What Is an Implant “Super” Center?

There are a number of dental practices that are promoted as implant centers, when in reality this is nothing more than a marketing ploy to attract potential dental implant patients. An implant “super” center is a clinic that provides dental implant treatment exclusively and advertises that everything the patient needs is provided all in one facility.

Much of the advertising from implant centers contain questionable claims, such as providing teeth in one day, when in fact the prosthesis attached to the implants the day of surgery is only a provisional, or temporary prosthesis. One chain of implant centers claims to be the leader in implant dentistry, boasting more experience than other practices. However, this claim is based on adding up the numbers associated with all of their clinics combined, a tactic that greatly skews the statistics. Often the doctors in the individual clinics are relatively inexperienced compared to those in private practice.

The main problem with “super” centers is that patients are typically offered only one type of treatment, whether it is the best treatment option for them or not. They are not presented with all of their options. Therefore, it is more beneficial for patients to have a consultation with a periodontist in private practice who will discuss all of the options available and then create a personalized treatment specifically for them.   

Comparing Implant Centers to Surgical Practices

Since dental implant treatment involves surgery, one of the most important considerations for patients should be the experience and skill of the surgeon.  Periodontists are surgical specialists that complete post-graduate surgical residency training. They develop skills by focusing exclusively on surgical procedures in their practices and continuing to take advanced surgical courses each year.  If an implant center does not have a surgical specialist providing the implant surgery, patients need to do their homework to determine the level of experience the dentist has. 

Some of the implant “super” center chains do have surgeons in their clinics and many of them are highly skilled. However, since these chains have a specific business model that they follow, complete with quotas for the number of patients treated and implants placed, the clinics do not offer patients several treatment options, nor do they create personalized treatment plans designed to meet the needs of individual patients.  Even if patients choose to visit a “super” center for a consultation, they should always have another consultation with a surgical specialist in private practice to explore all of their treatment options so that they can make an informed choice about their health and the restoration of their smile.

Experienced surgical specialists in private practice collaborate with their restorative colleagues in a team approach to developing personalized options and providing optimal treatment outcomes for patients. Their focus is patient-centered, not driven by a business model. 

Implant “Super” Centers vs. The Team Approach

Unfortunately, most implant “super” centers do not employ a true collaborative team approach. This lack of collaboration denies the patient an opportunity to make an informed choice after learning about all available treatment options.

The traditional team approach offers:

  • A 20- to 40-year success rate of 97 percent
  • Collaboration of the surgical specialist and the patient’s dentist
  • Focus on the individual patient’s health and well-being
  • Multiple treatment options that can be personalized for each patient

An implant supercenter typically offers:

  • A five- to 10-year success rate of 97 percent
  • One treatment model for every patient, regardless of needs

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