Portrait Of Mature Couple Looking Over Back Yard FenceWhen patients in Beverly Hills seek someone to place their dental implants, they might assume that cheaper is better. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So-called bargain implants pose a danger to the success of the implant as well as the patient’s overall health.

How an Unqualified Provider Might Cut Costs on Dental Implants

If a provider decides to use low-quality dental implants on a patient, that’s obviously a major problem. However, there are other ways the provider might cut corners to strengthen their profits:

  • They might reuse components between patients.
  • They might skip necessary bone grafts to save time (increasing the likelihood of poor results) or they might plan for additional procedures that are unnecessary to make up for their quoted “cheap” fee.
  • They might rush the patient through the treatment planning phase, leading to implants that don’t have the right fit or don’t function as well as they should.
  • They might skip diagnostic steps, possibly leading to incorrect positioning and placement of the implants.
  • They might contract with a poor-quality dental lab that manufactures low-grade, cheap, replacement teeth out of inexpensive metals.

These shortcuts can be harmful and costly to the patient, leading to immediate and long-term complications.

The True Cost of Bargain Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

A low price tag on dental implants might be alluring in an expensive city like Beverly Hills, but the truth is that paying less upfront almost certainly guarantees more expensive bills later. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Long-term fit and function issues in the patient’s mouth if the implant is placed incorrectly.
  • The implant may fail over time, requiring an entirely new surgical procedure to remove the existing implant or implants, additional surgery including possible grafting of the bone, replacement of the implant and then new a new crown on top of the implant provided by a dentist.

The Risks of Bargain Dental Implants

Finding Quality in Beverly Hills

For the most successful implant treatment—and the ideal option in the long run—a patient should find a qualified, highly trained, periodontist who uses dental implant systems that have been tested and verified by rigorous clinical studies, as these factors increase the likelihood of a successful procedure.

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