The results that Dr. Anson has achieved with aesthetic dental implant treatment over the years have enhanced his reputation for consistently delivering exceptional care to his patients in Beverly Hills. Achieving a patient’s desired aesthetic results depends upon a number of important aspects of the treatment process that Dr. Anson has perfected over the years, including:

  • A special technique must be used for removing teeth without damaging the bone surrounding them.
  • Precision with positioning and surgical placement of dental implants is critical to ensure the natural-looking appearance of the crowns that will be attached to the implants.­
  • Determining when to add or graft bone to correct defects in the bone, improve the site for dental implant placement, and improve facial contours.
  • Careful management of the soft tissue during procedures can preserve the contours of the gums around the implant-supported crowns and create a more natural-looking smile.

A true pioneer, Dr. Anson has developed various atraumatic techniques that have allowed him to achieve natural-looking results for many different challenging situations. His knowledge in tissue sculpting further enhances the overall aesthetic result for his patients in Beverly Hills.


How Will I Be Evaluated for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be placed for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or replace teeth in the entire mouth. At our Beverly Hills office, each patient is evaluated using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as a Kodak 8100 3D scanner to determine the exact anatomy for dental implant placement. Factors that influence the placement of your dental implants include:

  • Reason for tooth loss or removal.
  • Location of the tooth.
  • Quality of the bone.
  • Height, width, and depth of the bone.

In many instances, Dr. Anson can place the implant on the same day that the tooth is removed but if the area does not accommodate the implant, then an additional healing time of about three months will be required.

Tooth Removal Technique

One of the critical factors in achieving excellent aesthetic results is the approach Dr. Anson takes to surgical removal of teeth that need to be replaced. Using a gentle technique, he is able to remove teeth without removing or damaging the bone surrounding them by:

  • Administering local anesthesia with a controlled pressure that causes little to no discomfort.
  • Waiting for the anesthesia to take complete effect before beginning any aspect of the procedure.
  • Sectioning the tooth into two or three parts and removing each part.
  • Removing the root carefully to preserve the surrounding bone.
  • Bone grafting the socket to preserve the maximal amount of bone in certain situations, but not all.

This is essential for optimal implant positioning and placement to support the final aesthetic outcome.  Patients in Beverly Hills facing impending tooth loss should consult with Dr. Anson while the tooth is still in place so that he can provide an ideal treatment plan.

Surgical Implant Procedure

When it comes to surgical implant placement, experience has a significant impact on the outcome. Having placed several thousand dental implants in all types of situations, Dr. Anson is able to:

  • Thoroughly evaluate the thickness and density of bone.
  • Anticipate potential challenges and address them during the procedure.
  • Position the dental implant in precisely the right location.
  • Achieve natural-looking emergence from the gum tissue when the final crown is attached to the implant.

This precision is the result of years of experience, countless hours of continuing education and research, and the refinement of delicate surgical techniques designed to enhance aesthetic results.

Appropriate Bone Grafting

Some dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons will suggest unnecessary bone grafting procedures for patients who do not require this additional measure. When patients in Beverly Hills come to Dr. Anson’s office for a second opinion, it is often determined that bone grafting is entirely unnecessary, and the office was trying to add to the cost of the procedure. Dr. Anson only recommends bone grafting and augmentation in cases where it is needed and performs a technique that is:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Often less costly
  • Yields rapid healing

Dr. Anson teaches these procedures to other specialists, lecturing both nationally and internationally on how to achieve results without causing undue discomfort to the patient.

Management of the Soft Tissue

If the tissue surrounding the new crown on the dental implant does not have a natural appearance, the overall aesthetic result will not be ideal. In addition to the precise placement of the dental implant, it is essential to handle the gum tissue throughout the procedure. Improper tissue management can result in the appearance of small black triangles between the teeth, or unnatural contours of the gums around the teeth. As a Beverly Hills periodontist with extensive experience in aesthetic soft tissue sculpting, Dr. Anson routinely achieves naturally beautiful smiles with aesthetic dental implants and tissue.

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