“Teeth-in-a-Day”is a concept that is very appealing to most Beverly Hills patients. But this is a bit misleading in that the entire process takes more than one day.

The first step is an initial evaluation with a 3D CAT scan. Virtual planning software is used to plan the entire case on models, including implant placement and the design of the replacement teeth. After the surgical specialist and restorative dentist fabricate and secure the final replacement teeth to the implants, they are placed at a subsequent appointment. Although the implants and replacement teeth are placed the same day, there are multiple steps between the initial consultation and the actual procedures.

Unfortunately, advertising claims implying that traditional methods of implant treatment are outdated, more expensive, take longer and require more procedures are intended only to sell the “teeth-in-a-day” procedure. The ads do not provide comprehensive education for patients, or explain that few patients are candidates for “teeth-in-a-day”, or that there is relatively little scientific data regarding long-term results for this procedure.

Regarding the cost issues, there are other treatment options available to replace dentures that are much more economical. More importantly, many of these traditional treatment options provide a better functional and esthetic result for patients.

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