Gum disease treatment can resolve inflammation and discomfort with a non-invasive, non-surgical approach. The procedure removes the plaque and tartar that are causing infection to prevent more serious oral health concerns.

Dr. David Anson is a leader in the field of periodontology and offers patients in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas gum disease treatment based on best practices in the industry and years of experience. He attends and presents at conferences throughout the world and contributes knowledge to the development of advanced techniques. As a result, you can look forward to effective care, a comfortable experience, and a lasting outcome.

Whether your general dentist has referred you to Dr. Anson or you are concerned about oral health symptoms and are seeking the guidance of a periodontal specialist, we invite you to learn more about Dr. Anson’s work and what to expect in his care.

Why Patients Have Gum Disease Treatment

Bacteria and other particles that collect on your teeth can develop into plaque, which proper brushing may remove, and tartar, which may require the help of a general dentist. Over time, plaque and tartar can cause redness, swelling, and bleeding around your gums. These concerns can lead to more significant problems like tooth loss and other health issues.

Dr. Anson provides patients in Beverly Hills with non-surgical gum disease treatment to reverse these effects and to prevent more serious damage. Typically, this involves deep scaling, which removes tartar from above and below your gum line, and root planing, which removes the rough spots on the tooth root that collect germs. The result is less bacteria and better oral health over time.

Your Initial Visit

During your initial consultation, you will have a chance to get to know Dr. Anson, talk about the concerns you are having, and ask questions about gum disease treatment options. Dr. Anson will also conduct a review of your teeth and gums to evaluate their condition.

As an experienced periodontist and an ethical practitioner, he uses a conservative approach to care: if improvements in oral hygiene alone can resolve your symptoms, Dr. Anson will recommend that course of action. If, however, you require more comprehensive measures, our practice will schedule a follow-up appointment for a deep scaling and root planning. In either case, you will leave your visit with the information you need to have confidence in your care.

Your Experience with Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Anson will perform your procedure at our practice in Beverly Hills. Deep scaling and root planing are non-surgical, and Dr. Anson takes steps to make you comfortable throughout. This includes:

  • Administering local anesthesia with little-to-no pain thanks to a special medical device and Dr. Anson’s gentle technique.
  • Wrap-around glasses that let you tune out the procedure and watch movies or listen to music instead.
  • Providing options such as nitrous oxide to patients with high anxiety.

After your gum disease treatment, you will attend follow-up visits so that Dr. Anson and your general dentist can monitor your teeth and gums. This process, along with improved dental hygiene, should help eliminate inflammation and infection and give you an overall healthier smile.

Learn more about Dr. Anson’s approach to gum disease treatment. Schedule an appointment in Beverly Hills by calling (310) 657-0999.