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As a surgical specialist, Dr. David Anson is recognized as one of the leading specialists in implant dentistry. His innovative techniques in aesthetic dental implant procedures have garnered the respect of colleagues worldwide. Dr. Anson has presented his research in dental implant treatment and bone grafting to dentists and specialists internationally and has published numerous articles in scientific journals. He also serves increasing awareness of quality implant dentistry.

Dr. Anson has also pioneered numerous procedures in periodontal plastic surgery, including the SMILE Technique for treating gum recession. Advancing the concept of creating a tiny opening in the gums and repositioning the tissue to cover exposed roots, Dr. Anson has taken aesthetic gum treatment to an entirely new level with this minimally invasive procedure. The SMILE Technique provides consistently superior aesthetic results and maximizes patient comfort throughout treatment.


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The SMILE Technique

Dr. Anson’s Specialties

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Periodontal Therapy

Utilizing the latest technology and advanced microsurgical procedures, Dr. Anson is able to restore healthy smiles, achieving optimal results while maximizing patient comfort throughout treatment.

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Dental Implants

Considered one of the most skilled surgical specialists in implant dentistry, Dr. Anson’s experience ranges from single aesthetic implants to the most complicated full reconstruction cases.

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Aesthetic Procedures

Dr. Anson is renowned throughout the profession for the innovative techniques he developed to achieve consistently superior aesthetic results with Smile Enhancement and sculpting procedures.

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Patient Experiences

“Came in for a implant on my front #10 tooth. Dr. Anson and his staff were absolutely fantastic with great bedside manor. Dr. Anson made the 7 month process as enjoyable as such a procedure can be. He is very meticulous with his work and extremely professional. Couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Jeremy L.

“Dr. David Anson and his team are AMAZING!  I am VERY happy with my experience from the beginning to the end. I always get a warm greeting from Renee & Elaine!  Renee explained everything about the experience during the initial consultation and I immediately felt at ease”

Cj. C

“You really get what you pay for. Professional office staff, very kind and polite. Dr. Anson is terrific and you feel confident that he is taking care of your teeth the first time, unlike some dentists who make you wonder what they just did to your teeth.”

West C.

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