I’m 50 and haven’t needed real dental services (other than check-ups!) my entire life, so when I found out I needed an implant I was more than a little concerned. I did a LOT of research that included personal references, and all signs pointed to Dr. David Anson and his staff. Despite my worries, Dr. Anson exceeded all of my expectations. DR. ANSON – Top shelf dental and professional skills all the way. An implant requires coordination with your regular dentist, and Dr. Anson clearly commands a lot of respect from other doctors. He’s also one of the most personable and professional doctors in any medical field I’ve experienced. His follow-up and concern about how I was doing through this whole process couldn’t have been any better. STAFF – Wow. Everyone was so pleasant and professional. From the receptionist, to the scheduler, to the nurses… everyone knew their job well, had a smile on their face, and were incredibly helpful. “Service” is a real priority at this office, and even through I was nervous through the process, they all were very supportive. OFFICE – It’s… different. The decor makes you smile, mostly because it isn’t the typical stale, emotionless space most doctors create. It kind of cracked me up to walk in, and I liked it. Dr. Anson also happens to have some very state-of-the art equipment, and I was able to avoid extra trips to third party offices for certain x-rays and such. Perhaps there are cheaper alternatives, but for something as delicate as dental surgery you don’t want to chance a bad experience to save a few ducats. I hope I don’t see another dental surgeon for another 50 years, but if I do, it’ll be Dr. Anson.