I have been going to Dr Anson for close to 25 years (closer to 25 than 20). I have had a lot of dental issues. I mean a lot! The list goes on and on. Dr Anson and his team have made my life so much better. They go above and beyond! I have had my teeth saved by Dr Anson through extensive Perio work and also have done implants after a trauma. There are many dentists touting miracles but Dr Anson is the real deal. An expert in his field (Internationally) with a great network of other dentists to keep my smile going. There is not a better Periodontist in Los Angeles and when it comes to dental implants, he is the go to person to replace your teeth. Balancing risks and making your smile perfect, Dr. Anson is the premier dentist/periodontist and implant specialist in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. I highly recommend you seek him. If you have questions about my experience with him, please message me or ask his office to contact me as a reference. If you want the best, Dr Anson is the best! He has changed my life forever and I feel fortunate to have him as a specialist for my extensive treatment.